ACCV2016 Workshop - Large Scale 3D Human Activity Analysis Challenge in Depth Videos

Location: Taipei
Schedule: Sunday, November 20 (Half Day)


1330 Openning and overview
1340 Invited talk by Prof. Ming-Hsuan Yang (UC Merced)
Topic to be confirmed
1410 Invited talk by Mr. Yanghao Li and Prof. Jiaying Liu (PKU)
High Order Statistics Guided Recurrent Neural Network for Action Recognition
1430 Invited talk by Dr. Wanli Ouyang (CUHK)
Topic to be confirmed
1500 Break
  Invited talk by Dr. Cuiling Lan and Dr. Wenjun Zeng (MSRA)
Action recognition using LSTM Networks with Spatial and Temporal Attention
1550 Invited talk by Prof. C.-C. Jay Kuo (USC)
Nonlinear Activation in Convolutional Neural Networks
1620 Close