The rapid development of machine learning (ML) increasingly allows advanced computer vision tasks, ranging from visual enhancement to analytics, to be incorporated into a suite of emerging applications, such as Online Applications, Security & Surveillance, and Multimedia Forensics. In recent years, we have witnessed significant progress made in this area of research, which raises a set of new questions. For example, what are the recent advances in the deep generative models or how can we effectively build large vision-language models?  Many former researchers and students of the ROSE Lab (ROSE Alumni) have gone one to exciting positions in these areas in academia, research, and industry.
Our VISVA 2023 Workshop provides a unique opportunity to gain an in-depth appreciation of these cutting-edge research topics and gain an understanding what top researchers are doing in these fields.  It also aims to provide a stimulating opportunity for young researchers currently at the ROSE Lab to connect with other ROSE Alumni to establish new collaborations.  The VISVA 2023 Workshop will take place at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.



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